Ten years ago, Formulae was born from a group of passionate young people that wanted to make a difference.
And it worked!

We started providing support for exhibitors at trade fairs and gradually began to organize full congresses, gatherings and trade fairs.

Then we reinvent ourselves once more in order to meet new demands, proudly adding super geeks and marketing management specialists to our team. : o)

After all, there is no success in an event without proper strategy and publicity.

Today we are a full-service agency.

If you are starting now, or are a multinational company, you will be treated the same way. Here the important thing is to deliver the job flawlessly and to develop a real partnership. There is no such thing as bad time, what can be done, will be done. Our fuel is challenges.

Our chest fills with pride to say that we have both customers and suppliers working with us from the beginning. Yes, to us, suppliers are as important, or more, than customers, because they are, together with our great team, deliver what we planned, when and how we plan, so your needs are 100% fulfilled.