International Fair will bring together major mining companies and suppliers in Parauapebas


The first international fair dedicated to the mining segment in Parauapebas (PA), at  Carajás Mineral Complex, already has date and place set. Between 23 and 26 November 2016, will take place the 1st Emina – Mining Exhibition event that will bring together all industry leading companies at the largest mineral province in the world.

The city, with just 183,000 inhabitants, is increasingly attracting investors because it currently has the largest mining projects in the world’s operation such as Iron (Carajás and S11D), Copper (Antas Project and Salobo) and manganese (Azul mine). Although little known to the general public, the region has numbers that impress. In 2014, the city was the largest exporter in Brazil, with US $ 7.619 billion. To get an idea, in second and third places were the Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with US $ 7.489 billion; and São Paulo (SP), with US $ 7.322 billion, respectively.

No wonder Parauapebas also recorded the highest trade surplus that year, with US $ 7.488 billion. The amount was much higher than others, since Anchieta (ES) had US $ 3.500 billion; and Santos (SP), with US $ 3.340 billion, were the cities that were closer.

“With so much potential, Emina arose from the need to bring suppliers of the major mining companies in the region, given that Parauapebas has large deposits of iron, copper, nickel, gold and manganese,” says Dafne Fonseca, partner director of Formulae,  event organizer.

Besides the exhibition, Emina will also feature business roundtables, courses and renowned speakers. Among the topics to be discussed are Sustainability; Innovation & New Technologies; Mineral search; Mineral Economics; Underground mining; dams; Open Cast Mine; Treatment and Processing.

“Emina comes to promote new technology, equipment, software, and discussions of the business outlook for the next decade announced by mining companies. In other words, will be the main event of the year for the sector, “ensures Dafne.

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